Is it compulsory to wear a mask for students especially in the classes and Namaaz

Wearing mask is compulsory in Madrassah premises at all times.

Social distancing

We strongly encourage keeping social distancing at all times, in class and during assembly. We have taken measured steps to stagger home time in order to try maintaining social distancing. On-line classes are being considered, that will reduce the on-campus number of students.

When are the Online Classes starting?

The madrasah is monitoring and assessing community requirements in order to put in place strategic plans for online classes We will update all parents accordingly

Are Fee Instalment available?

Only in hardship cases, please contact our Administration Offices for further details

Awards 2020

Graduates for Class 2020 will be notified when we will hold their award ceremony

How can We get the madrasah Year Planner?

The year planner has been uploaded on the website. Please click the link to view

Why school is open and Madrasah has decided to close?

The Tabligh board advised us to close the Madrasah due to the current situation.

When Madrasah will reopen?

Parents will be updated the date of reopening the madrasah.

If the absenteeism form is filled, will it be ok or will still deduct the marks from discipline?

Discipline marks will not be deducted if parents have filled the absenteeism form. However, it will reflect in the students attendance as he was not present.

How will we know the absenteeism form we submitted to the madrasah has already been received by the madrasah?

Once you submit the form you shall receive an acknowledgement email from google.

If the students is late and parents have informed, will the discipline marks still be deducted.

Discipline marks will not be deducted if parents have informed the madrasah in a written format (email, WhatsApp, note).