Boys Classes 1-6
● White kanzu
● Topi (optional at own responsibility)

For Mondays and Wednesdays, the Uniform is a plain clean, WHITE KHANZU and WHITE  CAP (TOPI) for Namaaz sessions. On Saturdays, a simple full length trouser/jeans (no tights) and a simple shirt/t-shirt which must not be sleeveless and must not have any offensive or abusive language. Students may wear the khanzu for the Saturday class. Jewelry (i.e. Earrings) or hats (aside from Muslim prayer hats – topi) / hoodies are not allowed.

Regular uniforms are required during examinations. NO excuses will be accepted.

We recommend students should have 2 sets of Madrasah uniforms to avoid any inconveniences.

Class 1-4 Girls
● White Long-sleeved, plain top reaching below the knees
● White loose trousers or white salwar
● Plain white Maqna
● Socks

Girls Classes 5-11
● Black CLOSED Dress abaaya that is plain, simple and loose
● Plain white Maqna
● Socks that cover the top of the feet